A Health Insurance Audit

As you think about your health insurance coverage it’s important to know that one size definitely does not fit all. In my experience, most people sign on with a company and take what they’re given, regardless if it fits or not. When I work with a client, my goal is to customize her plan to fit with her needs. Most of the time I can get her better coverage for less money!

Think about your current coverage and consider these options:

  • Dental/Vision – Although I can write dental coverage with most major carriers, the one I overwhelmingly recommend covers you up to $2,000/year instead of most plans which only go up to $1,000/year. No waiting periods and you choose your own Dentist and Eye Care Doctor.
  • Accident Plan – Covers you in case of an accident, (Car accident, sport injuries, biking accidents, etc.) It pays the first (Your Deductible Amount) in case of an accident and also wipes out your deductible). With 87% of hospital related incidents coming from Accidents, it really pays to have this plan in place, especially those of you with children.
  • Critical Illness – Pays you cash in case of a Major Illness (Heart Attack, Cancer, Stroke, such as AFLAC). You should figure how much you would need if you lost 3 months of income which is the average time it takes for treatment from a Heart Attack, Cancer, or Stroke. Coverage amounts from $10,000 – $50,000 are available at really low premiums. It will help you sleep better knowing you are covered for these life events with this plan.
  • Life Insurance – What would your family do if all of a sudden you and your monthly income were gone? How would they make it financially without you? You can get a plan in place that would take care of the ones you love in the event you can no longer provide for them. We have very affordable plans available.

Let’s be wise about your coverage and make sure you’re not paying more than you have to for something that’s inadequate.¬†You never know what a day can bring!