Two Essential Tools

2017-04-12 08.56.35 am

Ever wonder what a mammogram should cost? Have you ever looked at your provider’s statement and asked yourself it the charges were reasonable compared to other providers? Now you can find out.

Healthcare Bluebook ( is a great way to find out what is a fair price for procedures in your area. Their website states:

“By combining the best cost and quality data with industry-leading usability, Healthcare Bluebook provides people and organizations with everything they need to be more effective healthcare consumers. We’re forever changing the way people choose. We’re bringing fair to healthcare.”

The idea is to provide you with information that will help you decide according to both price and quality where is best to obtain healthcare.

2017-04-12 09.49.56 am

I have been recommending for quite some time now. It is an excellent way to find the best places to get prescriptions refilled. You don’t need a membership or a drug plan. It’s a simple search that provides you with the cheapest places to get a particular drug based on your zip code.

Good Rx ( is the best way I know to find out where to find the best price for prescription drugs in your area. Their website states:

“Most Americans assume that drug prices are regulated or fixed. That’s simply not true. Prices vary wildly in drugstores that are literally across the street from each other, especially when filling generic medications (which make up about 80% of the prescription fills in America).”

Very often I’ve found that the best price for a particular drug is less than your generic copay!

Armed with these two tools, you should have good information should you be trying to decide which carrier to choose and what doctor network or drug plan. You will have a dramatic information advantage.

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