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Welcome to Life,B&W Phil Health, and Peace of Mind. Use this site to request coverage, learn about coverage options, or the latest news that will affect your rates. I invite you to follow the blog where I occasionally post news and stories of people who saved money by trusting me with their health insurance needs. I’m here to serve you!

The purpose of insurance is more than just dollars and cents, it’s peace of mind. It’s knowing that no matter what happens, you won’t be wiped out by a catastrophic event, that you can visit your doctor and know you’ll get the medical attention you need. It’s knowing that your spouse and children will be taken care of should something happen to you. My goal is to get you that peace of mind as inexpensively as possible. I’m independent because I want to be able to search for your best options, not just what one company can give you. Having spent my life in Christian ministry I have a pastor’s heart that puts your needs first, and if I think your current coverage is the best you can get, I won’t try to sell you something you don’t need. Your trust is what I value most in our relationship!

You live a full life, with hopes and dreams and goals that are more than just financial. Let’s find coverage for you that frees you to pursue all you can be. I am a licensed agent and work with Health Reform Team which is an independent firm that works with all the major carriers and can get you coverage on and off the Marketplace. In addition, I can get you dental, vision and supplemental policies that round out your coverage and meet your specific needs. Feel free to browse the site, or click here to get started!


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“ObamaCare” Q&A

Check here for questions and answers regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare” as it is sometimes referred. These are questions I have received in conversations with clients and prospective clients regarding the new healthcare laws.

Q. What is the “Marketplace?”

A. The Marketplace is actually a website. For most people its http://www.healthcare.gov unless your state has it’s own marketplace website. The site gathers information on you and offers you plans from private insurance carriers based on the information you give them. There you can find whether you qualify for a subsidy and see what carriers offer plans that are compliant with ACA minimum standards. Plans offered on these websites will keep you from the IRS penalty for not having coverage. You can still sign up for ACA compliant plans through these carriers directly. I am certified to help you find an ACA compliant plan and will make sure to find coverage that’s right for you.

Q. Do I have to have coverage through an ACA compliant plan?

A. No. For most people an ACA compliant plan makes the most sense, but some will be considered exempt. Others may find it cheaper to get other coverage and pay the penalty. Depending on your circumstances, it may be possible to find adequate coverage which will be less expensive for you even after you pay the end-of-year IRS penalty. I can help you figure that out.

Q. How do I figure my penalty for not having an ACA compliant plan?

A. I am not an accountant so the best advice is to consult with your CPA, but according to published accounts, the penalty for not having an ACA compliant plan for individuals in 2014 is 1% of your taxable income, or a minimum of $95 per adult and $47.50 per child (up to $285 for a family) whichever is greater. The monthly fee is 1/12 of the total fee (excluding coverage gap exemptions) see the individual mandate for more details on the fee.

For 2015 the penalty is 2% of your taxable, or a minimum of $325 per adult and $162.50 per child (up to $975 for a family) whichever is greater. The monthly fee is 1/12 of the total fee (excluding coverage gap exemptions) see the individual mandate for more details on the fee.

Q. How do i find out if I’m exempt from the penalty?

A. There are several types of exemptions to the penalty. The major categories are exemptions related to income, health, hardship, and group coverage. If you think you may qualify or are curious to know, click here for information regarding exemptions. If we talk by phone, I will personally take you through these to determine whether you qualify. My goal is to get you the coverage that’s right for you at the most affordable price.

Q. Do you work for the government?

A. No. I am an independent agent affiliated with Health Reform Team and can give you access to all the major carriers. The result is that I can get you access to coverage that’s right for you at the best price.

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B&W PhilBorn in Texas, reared in Missouri and living in Dallas for the past 22 years, Phil Hamblin has spent his life helping people. His training is in Theology, with a bachelors degree in Missiology and masters in Pastoral Leadership Phil worked for more than two decades in Christian ministry, mostly traveling the world doing mission work.

He has been the president of a non-profit mission organization based in Dallas and on the pastoral staff of several churches. Recently Phil felt led to apply his training and skills to helping people find health insurance they can afford. “All the changes in the health insurance industry has made things very confusing for people who just want peace of mind about their future.” Phil has said. “I want to help them get the best coverage possible at the best price, and have the confidence that they have a partner who will help them navigate the changing tides of health-care laws.”

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